Class Furn

1st March 2023

To celebrate tspring, we gifted our ladies martisoare, according to our traditions! 


Class Furn


We are proud of our products!

Class Furn

Christmas Party 2022

We are looking forward to the Christmas party on December 10th.

This year we also have a theme, the color gold!

We award prizes for the most creative outfits.

Update 14.12.2022: The part was amazing!

Class Furn

Engagement Survey

We have started filling out the workplace satisfaction questionnaires for the year 2022!

Every year, Classfurn gives its employees the opportunity to give their opinion about the company and what they could improve (because no one is perfect). The questionnaire is completed voluntarily, anonymously precisely to encourage employees to answer as honestly as possible, without constraints.

Thanks to all the employees who gave up time to help make the company a better place to work! 

Update 17.11.2022: We are already working in the Focus Group on the ideas presented by colleagues through the Engagement Survey