Din 1998

Class Furn

Class Furn Romania

Founded in 1998, Class Furn Romania is a furniture company that produces a large range of products such as living room and bedroom furniture.

We are the largest furniture manufacturing company in Bihor county, the number of employees currently exceeding 500 people. Our team has a solid professional experience, proved by the achievements and the training offered by the company.

Based on a combination of the Dutch and Romanian models, the company offers several benefits to its employees, providing them with the best work conditions.

It’s located in Săbolciu, on E60 road, at 17km from Oradea; all employees have free transport paid by the company.

If you would like to see more about us, you can watch the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3x1LvuEXuU


We produce melamine furniture of the highest quality


Furniture made of the best quality melamine wood, for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms.


What colleagues say about us:

Ilea Petru – Operator

Class Furn offers us a stable job, where payday is kept in time.

I appreciate the team a lot, the shift leaders who listen to us, workers,  including the hall leaders and office staff. 

For those of us from the countryside, working in shifts gives us enough time for the household. It is also worth appreciating the fact that the company provides transport, especially for those who come from a long distance.

Laza Traian – Operator CNC

I’ve been working at the company for 1 year. I appreciate the benefits it offers to its employees; some of the benefits are different from other companies, such as 2 parties per year, 15 salaries paid in the first year.

The prestige of the company should be appreciated, created over time by delivering quality products on time.

The payment of salaries on time and good working conditions should also be appreciated.

Dogar Simona – Shift leader

I really appreciate the respect towards the workers. The company is serious and fair to its employees. 

I started as a simple employee in the Stitching department, they gave me the chance to develop professionally, becoming a shift leader. 

The company offers: salary and meal tickets on time, provides free transport and the possibility of having a hot meal.

Debreczeni Attila - Trainer

I appreciate at Class Furn that I have a really good work schedule in shifts.

I’ve been with the company for 6 years and I am satisfied, the salary is always on time or even before the salary date, and if I have any issues it is solved, if possible.

Filimon Ramona – Manager R&D

I started working in Class in 2011, and during these 11 years, I had the chance to develop, step by step, with each new responsibility I received, with the help of the department manager, but also of the team.

For example, this year I was promoted to a new position full of challenges and new learning opportunities. 

Thank you, Class Furn!

Brânză Dana – Team Leader Quality

I have a good experience with the company. It should be appreciated that it is possible to promote within the company, as in my case.

Impartiality, transparency, fairness and safety are also worth mentioning to describe the company.

Class Furn offered me the opportunity to contribute to the development of the company. 

Drugaș Andrei - Storekeeper

What I appreciate at Class Furn is management’s involvement, helpfulness, openness and orientation towards automatisation. 

The benefits, such as free transport provided by the company, the possibilities offered for career development, the quality of the company’s work and the events organized on various occasions, are also worth appreciating.